Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Beyond compliance - the future of records managment

Update the journal of CILIP has published an article of mine in their latest edition entitled 'Beyond compliance - the future of records management' as its cover story.

The paper looks at the compliance-based origins of records management and how we may struggle to fulfil this core objective in the future unless we are willing to see the limitations inherent in current practice.

As ever all thoughts and comments are welcome...

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v.mays said...

Hi Steve,

I have just read your article in CILIP which has lead me to your blog. I just wanted to say that your article left me with feelings of relief and hope. For some time I have felt that traditional records management is becoming less applicable in the digital environment. As a Records Manager at an HE institution trying to toe the traditional RM line it is fair to say that my role is peripheral and generally ineffective. I am currently involved in a JISC funded project looking at records management and institutional repositories and this has further influenced my view that the traditional concept of RM needs to be challenged and should look to embrace a broader identity.

Anyway I thought your comments were interesting and I now might feel brave enough to start redrawing the boundaries of my own role.