Friday, 1 August 2008

Launch of the Records Management 2.0 social networking site

Some of you may recall from previous postings that I have been keen to try to conitnue discussion and debate about the future of records management and in particular with regards to its role in the 'Web 2.0 world'; and hopefully to find ways of enabling those with an interest in this area to work together to create practical solutions.

After investigating a few different approaches I settled on creating a social network within Ning, not least because this platform combines the ability to keep in touch with like-minded colleagues with useful tools including online forums and event management. To be honest, I was still thinking through the details of how best to take this foward when a particularly interesting and robust debate about the future of records management on the Records-managment-uk jiscmail list convinced me that now was the right time to run with this (ready or not!). As with any such site, it will succeed or fail depending on the commitment of its members. Initial take up has been brisk, lets hope this burst of enthusiasm is sustained and turned into ongoing collaboration, discussion and progress.

If anyone else would like to join this site, please drop me an email and I will send you an email in return containing the relevant joining instructions.


Andrew said...

Research ( forget where) has show only about 1 in 100 users will leave a comment or be active. A lot of people will observe but to get them to take part in something like this .... that shall be interesting to see.

On a different note - I managed to get this blog unblocked for the education department filters here but some parts are still blocked like the profile. So I cannot send you an email.

Could you add a link on your blog like "Email me instead" please?

I am very interested in Record keeping and web technologies, so have been following your blog with interest.

Yes I am normally one of the 99 in a hundred who don't comment, but today I will say, keep up the good work.

People do read. :-)
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how active I'll be Steve, but happy to support this idea and take part where I can.



Brian Kelly said...

Note the link to Ning is broken.

Brian Kelly, UKOLN

Steve Bailey said...

Thanks Brian, fixed now!


records management said...

How is this project coming along? I'm curious to know which social networks, if any, have you progressed to in the meantime?